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8月28日と29日の2日間で、和歌にまつわる上質な日本文化を体験できる「わかまつり2021」を天王洲のB&C HALL 2F特設会場にて開催させて頂きました。

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We interviewed Kano Oyama about her work at curioswitch and her goals for the future. She joined us in April 2021 as an AE (Account Executive) and PM (Project Manager) after working part-time at curioswitch for about two years.


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In 2009, he opened "Passage 53" in Paris. Shinichi Sato, who was the first Japanese to win two stars in the French Michelin Guide in 2011, has been awarded two stars for eight consecutive years. However, he left "Passage 53" for a restaurant aiming to open in 2021 and chose a new challenge. This time, Mr. Sato, who is temporarily returning to Japan, talks about the inheritance of Japan, France and culture from the perspective of cooking.

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curioswitch タイガー菊池社長

About Our Work

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Okinawa Advertising Association 39th Advertising Award TV Advertising Division Gold Award The 90-second TVCM "Ryugin Reverse Mortgage" produced at the request of the Bank of the Ryukyus (Headquarters: 1-11-1 Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture) was held at the 39th Advertising Awards TV Advertising Division sponsored by the Okinawa Advertising Association. We won the gold medal!

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We planned and produced a web drama as a tourism promotion measure in Oda City, Shimane Prefecture. The lead is Ayaka Miyoshi. Two women who came to Oda City for different purposes are exposed to the climate of Oda City and realize the charm of Oda City and the splendor of their trip. Please enjoy by comparing side-A and side-B!

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Kiyokazu Kanze, the 26th Kanze Soke of the Noh play "Kanze-ryu," which follows the flow of Kan'ami and Seami fathers and sons who made Noh in the Muromachi period, talked about the charm and succession of Noh. This time, we interviewed Konoe Tadahiro, who has an ancestor relationship with the Kanze family. Don't miss the historic dialogue!


Tiger Corporation, a long-established company in Osaka, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. Curioswitch produced the art work that decorates the new office building. This time, we talked with Ryo Shinagawa, a painter who drew the "Tiger with no illness" on display at the reception desk on the 5th floor, while watching the work by Tiger Corporation President Kikuchi and curioswitch, who collaborated with San. will send.


Yasuko Inoue, the successor to Kyomai Inoue.

As the days of being unable to stand on the stage due to the corona whirlpool continue, I am studying every day to convey the charm of Butoh to young people, such as starting YouTube.

Mr. Asuko talked about the formation of the Inoue school, the efforts to inherit the current Butoh, and the prospects for the future.


[ACC 2020 prize]

The TVCM "Ryugin Reverse Mortgage" produced at the request of Bank of the Ryukyus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-11-1 Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture) was the finalist of the regional award at the 60th ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS. I was selected for.

We are very pleased to join the last seat of the ACC holder in the third year since our founding. Thank you very much to the Bank of the Ryukyus for the opportunity and everyone involved in the production!


The 4th interview series posted on the POLA Traditional Culture Promotion Foundation 40th Anniversary website has been released.

Arifuku Kagura, which is featured this time, is a folk performing art that is handed down in the eastern part of Hamada City in the Iwami region of Shimane Prefecture. We are focusing on expressing new dances as well as traditional dances. We interviewed Masayuki Sasaki and his son Shohei of the Arifu Kagura Holders Association, who have inherited Arifu Kagura from generation to generation, and asked about the charm of Arifu Kagura and its succession to the future.


The third interview series posted on the POLA Traditional Culture Promotion Foundation 40th Anniversary website has been released. We interviewed Professor Mamoru Nakagawa, a living national treasure known for Kaga inlays. Kaga inlay, a traditional craft that has been handed down in Kaga since the Edo period, has disappeared once due to the difficulty of inheriting it. This is a valuable interview with Mamoru Nakagawa, who is breaking new ground in Kaga inlays by repeating his own techniques while preserving that technique, and approaching the past, present, and future.