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【Work】Connections Tokyo 2020

One of curioswitch's missions is to share Japanese traditions and cultures to people overseas clearly and accurately.

The global convection "Connections Tokyo 2020" was held from February 9th to 12th. This event brought luxury travel operators from many countries to Japan.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) were the first to introduce "Connections," to Japan. At this event, about 30 operators were each matched with businesses in Tokyo, and had discussions while experiencing Japanese cultural events.

Watch the video below for a grasp.

You will also catch a glimpse of Konoe, the CEO of curioswitch.

For this project, Konoe has had the opportunity to introduce Japanese culture such as Noh, tea ceremony, and Bunraku.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Takano of Cril_Privée & Cie. for his valuable work, Mr. Keisuke Shiotsu, a Noh performer of the Kita school, and other members of the Kita school, Mr. Sosho Kobori, a tea master of the Enshu school, Mr. Tamasuke Yoshida V of the Bunraku school, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau for their support.



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