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【Work】Stars and Crystals in the Light - Itami, a City of Culture-

"TSU-NA-GU Itami Machinaka Illumination - Hikari no Kirakuji -" was held from December 2nd (Fri.) to 25th (Sun.), 2022. Colorful lights attracted many people to areas between JR Itami Station and Hankyu Itami Station. curioswitch was in charge of installing the lights in the Japanese garden located at the Itami City Museum.

The word "seisho" in the title "Hikari no Seisho" ("Stars and Crystals in the Light").

is a word that expresses the swarm of stars and crystals.

The installation, which took place outdoors on a cold December night, was a challenge for us.

However, by utilizing the persimmon nuts clinging onto the branches and the white walls that were perfect for the screen, we were able to express the years flowing in the cultural city of Itami with light and environmental sounds.

We hope that the visitors were able to feel the change of the seasons through this experience.

【Work Information】 ■Title:Stars and Crystals in the Light

■Author of Work:Tadahiro Konoe|curioswitch ■Exhibition Date:12/2/22 (Fri) - 12/25/22 (Sun)

■Exhibition Location: Itami Museum

■Produciton Coorporation:Art Brain Company

As a conclusion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Itami City, the TSU-NA-GU Itami Machinaka Illumination Project Executive Committee, the Itami Museum, and all who have contributed to this production.



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