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Creative Director

Tadahiro Konoe


Born in Tokyo, 1970. 

Konoe is the heir to one of Japan’s most ancient aristocratic lineages, a family at the heart of Imperial court culture for over 1,400 years. Despite this very Japanese traditional heritage, he spent his childhood years in Geneva, Switzerland, gaining fluency in three languages.

After graduating from Musashino Art University, he worked in broadcast stations and production companies, accumulating experience in producing TV programs, fashion shows and mega events, and even an online video streaming service. Thanks to his language skills, Konoe has been involved in numerous international projects, from coordinating foreign productions in Japan to branding Japanese products for launching in Europe.


His experience of working in multicultural environments, learning how to overcome cultural differences and work towards the same goal, made him see the need for creative solutions that would form a bridge between Japan and the world. This led him to found curioswitch in 2018.


Event (stage / lecture)

2022 Itami City Museum "The connection designed by SAKE" (Lecture)

2022 WAKAMATSURI 2022 "Waka Recital" (Lecture)

2021 Forbes Japan "In Search of Japan's world-class luxury" (Discussion)

2019 Azabukai "Reflexion at the end of Heisei: Japan we don't actually know" (Lecture)

2018 Japan Traditional Culture Successors' Association "Miyake and Kuge" (Lecture)

2018 Advertising Week Asia "Japanese Identity Visualized by Japan Creative" (Panel Discussion)

2017 Blue Flame Academy 100th Anniversary Lecture "Kyuchu Utakai Hajime" (Lecture)

2017 Sankeien 110th Anniversary Exhibition "Ikebana with Kaisho" (Discussion)
2016 Japanese Culture EXPO in Kyoto Nijo Castle (Panel Discussion)

2016 Jun Nakauchi's Merchant School "Imperial House and the Former Imperial Family Now" (Lecture)

2015 Munakata International Development Program "Common Sense of Japan and the World" (Lecture)

2014 Nihombashi Mitsukoshi / Japanese Traditional Culture Exhibition "From Succession to Creation" "Japanese Aesthetics" (Panel Discussion)


2015 "Fujin Gaho" January issue (Hurst Women's Gaho)

2012 "home Pictorial" May issue (SEKAI BUNKA PUBLISHING INC.)


2006 "VOGUE" September issue (Nikkei Condé Nast)


2019 "Motsuji Temple Kyokusui on Utage" TV Iwate
2019 "Choice of Showa" NHK

2016 "Kazoku 150 Years Journey" NHK-BS
2009 "Heisei no Meikago-Father and transmission of 500 Years of Kodo-" NHK-BS

2008 "History moved at that time" NHK
2008 "BEGIN Japanology Heisei Aristocratic Lifestyle" NHK International
2008 "Exploration! The roots of Japanese beauty-a famous treasure created by the Konoe family- " NHK

2008 "Utakai Hajime" NHK (2010,12,14-19)

2002 "Road to Pearl Harbor" NHK

2002 "Pacific War of Konoe Family" (co-authored with NHK interview team) NHK Publishing


2022 Cannes Corporate Media&TV Awards Finalist

​2022 SILAFEST '22 BEST PRODUCTION Best Promotional Film

2022 International Tourism Film Festival Africa Finalist
2022 Japan World's Tourism Film Festival International Tourism Destination City 

2022 Inaugural Anthem Awards BRONZE

2020 60th ACC Film Division A Category (TV CM) Regional Finalist
2019 Webby Awards VIDEO How-To & DIY Webby Winner



Before curioswitch


Tiger Corporation's EU advance branding (Branding Director, BD)


LIXIL Corporate Public Relations Video (Video Production)

Tiger Corporation's EU advance branding ( BD )


Isetan Shinjuku "Nakamura Genfu Glaze Exhibition" (BD)

House of Culture of Japan in Paris "Kunio Tsuji Exhibition" (Creative Director, CD)

Facility Dog Photobook "My Best Friend at the Hospital" (CD, Finance)

Vacheron Constantin Press Event (Production)


Expo Milano "Japan Salone" (CD, Art Curation)
Louis Vuitton Tohoku Press Tour (Production)
Jo Malone Kyoto Press Tour (Production)
Louis Vuitton Frank gate Li over dinner (production)
Parfum Christian Dior Press Event (Production)
Van Cleef & Arpels "Podanne" event (production)
LOEWE Omotesando store opening (production)
Miu Miu Show + Party (Production)


Nihonbashi / Muromachi COREDO and Mitsui Main Building Noren Crest Design (CD)
Van Cleef & Arpels Omotesando Pop-Up Store (Production)
Louis Vuitton – Series 1 Shinjuku Pop-Up Store (Production)


Louis Vuitton – Timeless Muses Tokyo Station Hotel (Production)
Louis Vuitton – In-house seminar (production)
Parfum Christian Dior Press Event (Production)


Sakura Color Products 90th Anniversary Limited Edition 700 Color Set (CD / Design)
Directed the product announcement event, supervised press kit design, etc. (PR / design)
New sense recitation drama "Sound Theater" (artistic director)
TASAKI brand story (video production)
Parfum Christian Dior Press Event (Production)
ZARA Ginza store opening event (production)


NHK BS "Great Nature to an unknown mysterious underwater cave" (video production)


Van Cleef & Arpels "California Rêverie" New Release (Production)


Magazine "ELLE" 20th Anniversary Party (Video Production)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan Video Topics

ICS / Hitotsubashi University MBA Course Introduction Video (Video Production)


His Imperial Highness Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai's racehorse business: Involved in marketing and public relations in Japan as Darley's house agency


Documentary film "Ruff'n Tuff" exploring the roots of Jamaican music (video production)

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