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Account Executive

Wanted AE & PM with abundant achievements with government

offices and local governments!


| Job description
Solve the problems of local governments and government offices.
BtoB sales of curioswitch creative ideas.


・ Planning proposals In addition to creating and presenting planning proposals for public offerings and bidding projects by local governments and government agencies, you will also be asked to identify needs for budget requests for the next fiscal year through lobbying activities.

・ PM
We manage the progress of the production process by utilizing our own cloud system for orders received from the representative director or ourselves.

| Desired person image

[ Requirements ]
・ For more than 2 years, I have been in charge of external local governments and government offices in positions such as sales, project manager, production manager, producer consultant, public relations, and WEB director.

・ Has work experience in solving client issues in public relations, product development, web construction, design production, space design, event production, symposiums, strategy formulation, etc.

[ Preferential conditions ]
・ Persons who have the experience of creating and adopting planning proposals by themselves in open recruitment and bidding ・ People from advertising companies, event production companies, PR companies, newspaper companies, broadcasting stations, IT companies ・ Foreign language (English / French) abilities welcomed・ Production practice (photo show, irrelevance, sketch up, premiere, etc.) Ability welcome ・ Schedule management ability ・ Secretary / talent manager experience ・ Japanese culture training experience ・ Group competition sports experience

part time job

Part-time job Wanted who wants to experience a wide range of tasks in multiple ways while enjoying Japanese culture!


| Job description
Your work will change depending on your skills.

① Those who are aiming to be a writer
→ Writer assistance (using Google Docs)

② Those who are interested in design activities and video production
→ Design and video editing work using Adobe software

* If you would like to design or produce a video, please submit a portfolio.

| Desired person image

・ Those who can work with curiosity and aspirations

[Preferential conditions]
・ Those who like Japanese culture ・ Those who want to become a hand model ・ Those who are good at English ・ Those who are good at writing ・ Those who are good at research ・ Those who are making works using Photoshop, Illsutrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects

We are looking for colleagues to work with.


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