Goût du Saké 


   Experience Design, Overseas Marketing

I worked on content planning, coordination, appearances, venue design, etc. for an event held in Paris in 2019 as part of the project to promote Japanese sake overseas by JFOODO, a subordinate organization of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).


I was also in charge of arranging local production staff and overall production, including production, facilitation, catering, etc. It was a three-part event, with the first part focusing on "The World Around Sake Culture," the second part on "Haute Cuisine and Haute Sake," and the third part on "What is Sake for Sommeliers? are the themes of the event.

For the first part of the tasting, only sake cocktails designed by world champion bartender Shingo Gokan (The SG Club) were served, making the event a spectacular success. A cocktail also means an appetizer and is originally meant to be drunk before a meal. The cocktail was served as an appetizer to make the guests aware of the new possibilities of pairing French cuisine with sake.

近衞忠大 小山裕久 田崎真也 ジェラール・マンジョン


In the second part, Japanese chef Hirohisa Koyama (Aoyagi, Tokyo) explained how French cuisine can be enjoyed with sake, and in the third part, World's Best Sommelier Shinya Tasaki and Chef Sommelier Gérard Margeon of Alain Ducasse Group took the stage to talk about the marriage of sake and French cuisine. They talked about the marriage of sake and French cuisine.

盃 近衞忠大デザイン


For this event, Kondori was also in charge of the product design of souvenirs to be distributed to invited guests. Three overlapping circles written by Konoe, inspired by the 3399 degrees, express the "karma" of the cup. To emphasize the "karma", the overlapping areas of the three circles are painted with a solid color.

curioswitch 空間デザイン


The event venue was divided into a conference space, reception space and foyer, each of which was designed by Konoe. Posters designed by Konoe were displayed at each venue. The beverage corner at the entrance was designed not to be too elaborate so that visitors could relax.

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