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interview #005

2021.07.20 UP

​​curioswitch AE / PM


We interviewed Kano Oyama, who will be joining us in April 2021 as an AE (Account Executive) and PM (Project Manager) after working part-time at curioswitch for about two years, and asked her about her work at curioswitch and her future goals.

Why did you decide to join the company?

I worked part-time at curioswitch for about two years when I was a student.


"I still remember when I applied for the part-time job because I was intuitively attracted by the company's philosophy of "creating values that can be understood by people and cultures of various countries and that will remain in the future through culture-driven creativity.


I have always loved creating things, starting with drawing and handicrafts in my childhood, the art club in high school, and the school festival committee in college.


When I first started working part-time, I was translating websites into English and French, researching proposals, hand-modeling videos, and doing whatever other tasks came my way on any given day. After one year, I started to be involved in various projects as an Account Executive (AE) and Project Manager (PM).


I was happy to be entrusted with tasks as a student, based on what I could do and what I thought I could do.


As an AE and PM, I was constantly impressed by the various creative processes, from idea generation to proposal creation, and then to the actual production of videos, events, designs, and products.


When I started working part-time, I never thought that I would end up getting a job, but I began to think that there was no other environment that was so challenging and fun where I could be entrusted with large projects! I came to think that there was no other environment that was so challenging and fun. I had already received a job offer from a major company, but after repeatedly asking the president of curioswitch directly, I was able to get hired.

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The world after joining the company

Since joining the company as an employee, I have felt the weight of responsibility and the difficulty of working on all kinds of projects at the same time. In addition, I think one of the factors that allows me to work with a sense of fulfillment is the fact that I have more opportunities than when I was working part-time to utilize the language skills I have cultivated.


In my daily work, I do all kinds of work as an AE or PM, such as creating proposals for new projects, managing the production progress of various projects, and communicating with external parties.


For example, here are a few memorable projects from the past: "TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM," which was planned by curioswitch as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Night Time Economy Promotion Project and produced by the executive committee of the Nagoya Convention Bureau and the Tokugawa Art Museum. In the "Tokugawa Night Museum," curioswitch provided support for the production of the event, and even wore a Heian costume to respond to visitors in English and collect questionnaires. In addition, for the video production and promotion project for Ota City in Shimane Prefecture, I was in charge of all aspects of digital promotion, from proposal writing, costume fitting support for actors, English subtitle production, Facebook advertising and landing page production, to live streaming on YouTube and Facebook. I was also involved in the production of internal and press events for a foreign high brand, guiding the speakers and communicating between the overseas production staff and the Japanese staff.


Currently, I am working as an AE and PM for a video production of the ancient burial mounds of Hyakudori in Osaka Prefecture, PM for the Japanese cultural experience event "Waka Matsuri" scheduled to be held in Shinagawa Ward in August, PM for an exhibition of a foreign luxury brand, PM and direction for a digital marketing campaign for a government agency, PM for a video production to convey the appeal of Japanese food to the US and France, and PM for an international event. I also work as a PM for a video production to promote the appeal of Japanese food to the US and France, and as a venue management assistant for international events. I'm also in charge of the secretariat of Nanago, a non-profit organization established this year by both representatives to promote and develop traditional culture.


One of the great features of working at curioswitch is that I get to be involved in a wide range of creative work, from upstream to downstream, from analog to digital, in all fields, both domestic and international. Furthermore, I think the appeal of curioswitch is that you can work with members who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The president and senior employees teach us all kinds of know-how, so it's a great learning experience. Also, I'm often surprised by the connections between the two representatives when celebrities suddenly show up at the office (laughs).


What I like most about curioswitch is the ease of communication and flexibility that comes from being a small company. Whenever I have a question, I can immediately ask for clarification from both representatives and all employees, and when I have a suggestion or need advice, they are always willing to listen. Also, there are many excellent part-time workers, including those in the art field, and I enjoy working with them every day in a friendly atmosphere. In my personal life, I am very grateful that they are quick to respond to my requests for time off and changes in working hours.


TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUMでのガイド&アンケートスタッフとして

Future goals

Even though curioswitch is a small company, we take on a wide variety of clients, from domestic and international companies and organizations to government agencies and municipalities, making it a very luxurious environment with plenty of opportunities to gain unique experience as an AE or PM.


Although the day flies by when I am dealing with various projects that are going on at the same time, I would like to cultivate my communication, negotiation, management, and digital skills so that the project can proceed smoothly from order receipt to delivery as an AE or PM.


Not only do I want to produce results in the work that the company gives me, but I also want to be able to propose new projects to the company and give shape to my creativity as soon as possible. In order to do so, I need to polish my creative discernment. I would like to be actively exposed to a wide variety of creativity, including art, traditional culture, advertisements, events, literature, and movies, to broaden my eyes!

Kano Oyama Profile

Born in 1998. Graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Education at Ochanomizu University. After gaining experience working part-time at curioswitch while still in school, she joined curioswitch and has been involved in domestic and international creative projects as an AE and PM. She spent eight and a half years of her childhood in Iran, Canada, and the Netherlands, and is trilingual in English, French, and Japanese. She is currently studying to become the first curioswitch employee to be certified as a "Nationwide Interpreter Guide" by the Japan Tourism Agency.

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