Maho Nabé

By Tiger Corporation

Total Branding, Outbound Marketing

Our branding project for Tiger Corp. We assisted their new challenge to expand their market to France and other Europe area. Tiger corp is one of famous companies which is known for high-quality thermos in Japan. However, we had a big wall to sell the new product in a new area, especially in Europe.

メゾンエオブジェ curioswitch

Maison&Objet 2019, TIGER Booth

As a part of branding, we took short-films to express a taste through using Maho Nabe...

アラン・パッサール M&O

Chef Alain Passard, Maison&Objet 2019, TIGER Booth

At the M & O in September 2019, star chef Alain Passard will demonstrate Maho Nabé's cooking at the TIGER booth. As with the 2018 M & O, once Mr. Passard, who has a strong spirit of service, enters the venue, many people will gather. We asked the visitors to cook and experience the taste of cooking at Maho Nabé.

Maho Nabé efficiently transfers heat and brings out the flavor of the ingredients. Participants were impressed by Mr. Passard's colorful, fragrant, and tasty dishes created from it.

アラン・パッサール フレンチ
メゾンエオブジェ 料理
アラン・パッサール クッキング
アラン・パッサール 菊池社長

左 アラン・パッサール氏  右 タイガー魔法瓶 菊池嘉聡社長

Continuing from September 2018, it was Julie Bavan, a student, who made the TIGER booth lively with Alain Passard. Julie is also famous as a vegan cooking expert who does not use animal-derived foods. Maho Nabé has shown its full potential in vegetarian recipes.

メゾンエオブジェ  MahoNabé
ベジタリアン MahoNabé

In addition, at the 2019 M & O, we developed illustrations and BGM developed to be accepted by French people, and produced various videos explaining the functions and history of the company why Maho Nabé is excellent.

Maho Nabé's commentary video is mainly played at the venue, so no narracion is included, only BGM. Subtitles have been eliminated as much as possible so that they can be understood only with telops. We have also posted videos on our website and SNS so that shoppers who sell Maho Nabé and those who have purchased Maho Nabé can easily check the features of the product.