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【Award】Anthem Awards Bronze受賞

curioswitch's commemorative film celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Meiji Jingu Shrine was awarded a Bronze in the Education, Art, & Culture Event category at the Anthem Awards (sponsored by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), USA).

The Anthem Awards (*1) was created in 2022 as a spin-off of the Inaugural Anthem Award, a category of the Webby Awards (sponsored by IADAS), also called the "Oscars of the Internet". The Anthem Awards is held by approximately 2,000 judges including experts, visionaries, and evangelists from various fields who belong to IADAS (*2). (※1)Anthem Awards official wensite: (※2)IADAS, sponsoring the Webby and Anthem Awards, is an international organization founded in New York in 1998 to support the creative, technical and professional advancement of the Internet and the evolution of new interactive and new media.

Followed by the first Anthem Awards, which was held in 2022, this year's second Anthem Awards attracted nearly 2,000 entries from 43 countries including "WWAV -When We All Vote- (Gold), the MeToo Movement (Silver), and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) (Bronze). Founded by Michelle Obama, WWAV's mission to improve the lives of marginalized women was applauded. The MeToo Movement was praised for its dedication to support victimes of sexual harassment and violence, and the HRW was recognized for it investigation of the horrific reality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The awards were presented to goal-driven teams from around the world that make a positive change to society, with an impactful platform where they are able to actively create a better world for all.

Our work (original title: "Centennial celebration of the establishment of Meiji Jingu - Everlasting Now") chronicles the 100th anniversary of Meiji Jingu's establishment. We had an abundance of footage; archived and newly shot, to effectively commemorate the celebration. The film portrays the dedication to the emperors and gods, and also compares the works of god in the forest of prayer, from both now and back then.

The film begins by highlighting the100th anniversary of the shrine in November 2022. From there, it moves back and forth between the past and present, and closes with stunning fireworks display in the nighttime forests of Tokyo, giving the viewer a sense of eternity in the midst of transience. The film contains only background music. We believe the viewers were able to gain the sense of the "tokoshige" (everlasting...) of Japanese culture. We hope you will take this opportunity to view our commemorative video memorializing the 100th anniversary of Meiji Shrine.

【Work Information】


  • Title :The 2nd Annual Anthem Awards Bronze

  • Category:Education, Art & Culture, Awareness & Media Categories (For Profit), News & Journalism

Anthem Awards Winning Awards website

■Work Title

English:Centennial celebration of the establishment of Meiji Jingu

Japanese:明治神宮 百年の軌跡〜常久(※4)の今〜

■Video Link: Meiji Shrine's official YouTube)

■Length of video:13 minutes


■Production Coorporation:Sony Music Entertainment





We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Meiji Shrine and everyone involved in this project.

We at curioswitch will continue to create everlasting value with creative ideas that will generate people's curiosity, with the goal of making a positive change in the world.

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