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【Work】Insta video ad for Shueisha éclat

Yoko Arimoto

Seasonal Flavors I Want to Eat "If Only I Had These Two Dishes Spring and Summer Edition

On sale May 26, 1,800 yen + tax (Shueisha)

Shueisha's women's fashion magazine, éclat, continues to propose a sophisticated and mature way of life.

Following the publication of the spring/summer edition of Yoko Arimoto's popular series of articles in éclat, curioswitch was asked to create an ad video for Instagram.

How could we express the world of chef Yoko Arimoto in 15 seconds?

We had to resolutely cut down on the photos and text, but what do you think?

Please take this opportunity to watch the insta-video by clicking on the link below.

By the way, WEB éclat has also covered the details of this launch.

Seasonal Flavors I Want to Eat: "If I Only Had These Two Dishes..." In the spring and summer editions, along with the freshly colored recipes, there is a carefully written story about the encounter with each recipe. This book, which includes a newly written essay, is one that allows you to savor the freshness of seasonal ingredients.

You can pick up a copy at Shueisha's online site as well as Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

We hope you will make use of this book during this time of the year, when the rainy season is coming and teleworkers are spending more time at home.

<Shueisha Book Sales Site>

<WEB éclat>

<Amazon Book Sales>



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