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【Work】Christian Dior Designer Of Dreams Exhibition @MOT

We are extremely honored to be involved in the set-up of the "Christian Dior, Couturier of Dreams" exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) from December 21st (Wednesday).

This exhibition has toured cities around the world and has finally reached Tokyo.

This exhibition also presents a creative retrospective of the luxurious collections that Dior has presented over the past 75 years.

Starting with the 'bar' suit, which has been praised as the 'new look' and continues to be loved to this day, we were welcomed with a wide range of pieces, including dresses and accessories by successful designers, and magazines featuring Dior on the cover page.

In addition to the masterpieces that have attracted numerous individuals from around the world, we invite you to visit this special exhibition, to experience the ties between Dior and Japan for yourself.

Term:December 21st, 2022 ~ May 28th, 2023

Closed days/hours:Monday(Jan. 2nd, 9th)and

Dec. 28th - Jan. 1st, 10th

Location:MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO Special Exhibition Hall 1st floor/2nd basement floor

Address:4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto City, 135-0022

Closed hours:10:00 ~ 18:00(Must enter exhibition rooms 30 minutes before closing time)

Admission fee:Adults 2,000yen / College students・65 or above 1,300yen / High school or younger free

Organizer:Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Special Corporation : Christian Dior

Click here for more information (MOT official website)



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