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【Work】Kyogen: Three Hundred Years of the Nomura Family

The 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Manzo Nomura was awarded the Grand Prize at the 77th Japan Arts Festival announced on December 26, 2022.

Believe it or not, we were making a documentary about Manzo IX Nomura and his family around this "Ancestors' Festival: The 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Manzo Nomura Hatsuzei."

We hope you will take the time to experience the world of Japan's proud traditional performing arts.

Embedded below is the French version.

Below is the Japanese subtitled version.

We hope that Kyogen, the Japanese tradition of laughter, will reach your hearts.

As a conclusion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Manzo Nomura and his family for this precious opportunity, as well as the Sasakawa Nichibutsu Foundation, and to all the people involved in the production.

【Work Information】

■Title and Link:

【French version】  Kyôgen La famille Nomura, 300 ans d’histoire

【Japanese subtitled version】  狂言 野村家三百年の歴史

■Cast:Manzo Nomura, Man Nomura, Mannojo Nomura, Kennosuke Nomura, and Shinnosuke Nomura  

■Special Thanks: Alexandre Sagar, Maryam Latreche, Maïa Maniglier

■Creative Director:Tadahiro Konoe

■Producer:Tetsu Yoshida

■Planning and Production/Copyright:curioswitch



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