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【Work】MICE Promotion Video

We have had the opportunity to produce a promotion video for Sustainable Aomori (Aomori-style MICE promotion video).

MICE videos are usually explainer videos that include facts and statistics, but this project put its focal point on a different factor.

It is a way of life and way of thought that has been cherished from a long time ago.

Have you ever heard of the two World Heritage Sites in Aomori?

Aomori is home to two World Heritage sites: the Shirakami Mountain Range (which celebrated its 30th anniversary as a World Natural Heritage site on December 11th, 2023), and the Jomon Monuments of Hokkaido and the Northern Tohoku Region (which was approved as a World Heritage site on July 27th, 2021).

When comparing Aomori with the two World Heritage sites, various insights regarding sustainability emerge.

Please feel free to check it out below.

We created an English version and a Japanese version.

We hope our message will reach your heart.

【Video Information】


Sustainable Aomori

Sustainable Aomori(digested ver.)

Sustainable Aomori(Aomori MICE promotion)

Sustainable Aomori(Aomori MICE promotion)shortened ver.

■Creative Director:Tadahiro Konoe

■Producer:Tetsu Yoshida

■Planning and Production:curioswitch

■Copyright:The Aomori Prefecture Foreigner Consultation

Once again, we would like to thank the Aomori Prefecture Foreigner Consultation, and all those involved in the production for this amazing opportunity.

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