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【Work】Designing a "Taku".

Based on calligrapher Rieko Kawabe's concept of "making a box of calligraphy tools that can be selected and enjoyed like a tea box," our CEO and Creative Director, Tadahiro Konoe, participated in the "Gagei Bunbou Jubou Exhibition". This project aims to develop calligraphy tools that people with superior taste in fashion, art, and design would want to use on a daily basis.

For this project, Konoe designed a "taku", or a table, for writing calligraphy.

The Jindai Tamo used for the top panel is a tree that has been buried underground for hundereds to thousands of years or more dur to volcaninc eruptions or tectonic movements.

Kawabe's idea to use Jindai Tamo, and the collaboration with Yasuyuki Nakanishi who selected and processed the wood, resulted in a unique outcome.

The handles of the drawers are made from teak. The contrats between the deep color of the teak bark, and the pale color of the Jindai Tamo used for the legs are very original and authentic.

The "taku" can be folded into a compact size when not in use, or when carried around. This way, one can enjoy writing without worrying about space.

「taku」when folded

Konoe also designed a "paperweight" to hold the paper in place, and a "tabletop bracket" to put all the calligraphy tools together with the "taku".

The "paperweight" not used to hold down the paper while using the brush. People using the "taku" to write may also use a latop. Hence, it is also designed to be utilized as a latop stand.

Laptop placed on top of「metal fitting」

The "metal fitting" is designed to prevent the brush from rolling around on the tabletop.

Next to it is a space for an inkstone. On top of the inkstone, there is a place to put the ink brush and a drop of water.

There is also a place for a mug or a cup to take a break.

Designed by Konoe

The "metal parts of the tabletop hardware", "paperweight", and the table legs were made by Yosuke Ito (Truss Box), who specializes in metalwork.

Furthermore, people are able to customize thier work according to their preferences. As shown below, there are many works that blend the originality of the artists with Japanese tradition, such as this flower-shaped brush rest.

Flower-shaped brush rest

Caligraphy tool kit

All the works on display are available for purchase, and many people bought them on the spot. The "taku" designed by Konoe was sold on the first day!

We would like to thank you again for coming to our booth.

<Exhibition Information>

Venue: Nihon Kodo, Kaju Head Office Building, 2nd Floor, Ginza Koro

Dates: On view until November 21, 2019 (Thu)

Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00

Admission: Free <Yosuke Ito's Truss Box Website>



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