【Work】Website on Japanese sake from Mie

Do you know "GI Mie"?

It is sake of Mie prefecture designated in the national system "GI Mie" that protects the brand unique to the region, which was established in June 2020.

The Mie Prefecture Sake Brewery Association regularly announces "GI Mie" certified sake produced in the prefecture, which is recognized based on various regulations.

Find out more on this site → https://gi-mie.jp/fr/

We were involved in "GI Mie" in 2021 for overseas video production, and in 2022 for overseas multilingual website production.

It is a website worth reading introducing how to purchase sake of Mie, videos of sake breweries in Mie, and also the details of their history, characteristics, and taste of sake in Mie prefecture.

Please follow the "GI Mie" website and spread the word around to sake enthusiasts around you.