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【Work】GI Mie Multilingual Website

Are you familiar with the term "GI Mie"?

In June 2020, sake produced in Mie prefecture was granted the Geographical Indication, abbreviated as “GI”.

The Mie Prefecture Sake Brewery Association announces diverse “GI Mie” certified sake that has gone through various stages and regulations.

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In 2021, we had the opportunity to create a video, followed by a multilingual website in 2022, which both targeted audiences overseas.

The “GI Mie” website that was completed in March 2022 is offered not only in Japanese and English, but also in French and German, making it accessible to people from numerous countries.

This website provides a guide on how to purchase each sake listed, and also includes an introductory video as well as a detailed description of all sake breweries, its history, characteristics, and taste. Therefore, it is definitely worth a read.

If you know anyone who is interested, please consider introducing them to the “GI Mie” website (

Working with GI Mie and creating a website that translates to 4 languages has given us fascinating insights and visions, making it a stunning experience.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mie Prefecture, the Mie Sake Brewers Association, and to all individuals who supported us through this project.



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