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【Award】Winning Bronze at the US Anthem Awards


The project planned and produced by curioswitch: TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM (Venue: Tokugawa Art Museum) held last February by the Executive Committee comprising the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tokugawa Art Museum, has won Bronze in the Education, Art, & Culture Event category at the Anthem Awards (announced on February 15th, 2022 AST).

The Anthem Awards (UK: Anthem Awards) is a new award created in 2021 as a spin-off from The Webby Awards (organised by IADAS), the Oscars of the internet world.

Anthem Awards was inspired by Pharrell Williams, a popular music producer and fashion designer.

Farrell's work with NPO YELLOW, which aims to end racial discrimination and promote educational equality. He also works with Black Ambition, an organization that financially supports racial minority entrepreneurs. His contributions were highly praised by IADAS as exemplary leadership for the new era. Hence, the 26th Webby Awards' was presented to Pharrell. And now, to further celebrate the worldwide movement of voices of social change, the Anthem Award has been created independently from the Webby Awards.

Founded in New York in 1998, IADAS, the organizer of the Webby and Anthem Awards, is an international organization that supports the creative, technical, and professional advancement of the internet and the evolution of new interactive media.

The 1st independently held Anthem Awards, reached nearly 2,500 online and offline entries from 36 countries, which were judged by about 2,000 researchers, creators, media and others affiliated with IADAS.

At the announcement of the Winners on February 15th this year, a professional tennis player Naomi Osaka, won the Anthem Athlete of the Year Award. Naomi has a significant social impact through her protests against racial discrimination, and mental health. Moreover, Adam McKay, the director of the Netflix film "Don't Look Up", won the Anthem Entertainer of the Year Award.

Other initiatives are listed below:

"The Lion King Protect the Pride Campaign (Silver & Bronze)"

NIKE's 'Made to Play' program to promote physical activity among children (Silver)

The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development's 'StepIt Up NYC' dance competition

Made to Play program (Silver)

Our bronze-winning project; TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM, is a three-day installation artwork held in February 2021 at the Tokugawa Art Museum (located at 1017 Tokugawa-Village, Higashi-Ward, Nagoya Prefecture) as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Night Time Economy Promotion Project.

As a proposal for a new method to enjoy a traditional art museum, curioswitch has planned and produced an interactive art program that made full use of the Tokugawa Art Museum, Nagoya's leading venue. Under the state of emergency declared, curioswitch took all possible measures against COVID-19, and for the first time, visitors were able to enjoy a night-time performance in the exhibition rooms and courtyard.

We are delighted that TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM, has been recognized from numerous people and media, regardless of being held during the pandemic.

We hope you will take this opportunity to view our video of TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM.

*The Bronze award for TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM can also be reached through the Anthem Awards official website.

We would like to thank the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Tokugawa Art Museum and all those involved for their generous cooperation.

curioswitch strives to make a positive difference by creating valuable content that will generate people's curiosity.

【Event Information】


■Produciton:curioswitch Co.

■URL: Facebook Tokugawa Night Museum


■About the Event:With the theme, "What if museum exhibitions come to life at night?", we held guided tours in traditional costumes, Noh performances, and Battou performances done by JunihitoeShinkage-style swordsman. We also had people in Juni-hitoe (twelve-layered kimono). Furthremore, special finger foods were served to coincide with the Girls' Festival. Bonbori lanterns were also used to invite visitors to a brand new atmosphere



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