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【Award】Nominated as a finalist at the first annual Anthem Awards!


The exhibition "TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM" (Venue: Tokugawa Art Museum), planned and produced by curioswitch and held in February 2021 by the executive committee consisting of the Meiko Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tokugawa Art Museum, was nominated as a Finalist in the Education, Art, & Culture Event category at the Anthem Awards announced on January 25, 2009 (sponsored by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS), USA).

The "Anthem Awards" is a spin-off of the "Inaugural Anthem Award," a category of the "Webby Awards" (sponsored by IADAS), also known as the Oscars of the Internet, which was created last year when music producer and rapper Pharrell Williams won the award.

Pharrell Williams founded NPO YELLOW to fight racial discrimination and promote educational equality. Not only that, he also is a part of Black Ambition, which provides financial support to racial minority entrepreneurs. The Anthem Awards was created to inspire a positive social change that will result in the betterment of society.

The first Anthem Awards attracted nearly 2,500 entries from 36 countries, and the finalists including us were selected by IADAS. IADAS supports the creative, technical, and professional advancement of the Internet and the evolution of new interactive media. Entries for the Anthem Awards are judged by approximately 2,000 web industry executives, professionals, creators, and media members of IADAS, and the final winners will be announced from the nominated entries on February 15th, 2022.

The nominated project, "TOKUGAWA NIGHT MUSEUM" was based on the concept of "What if Hina Dolls come to life? This event was held for three days in February 2021 at the Tokugawa Art Museum (located at 1017 Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City) as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Night Time Economy Promotion Project. As a proposal for a unique way to enjoy the visit, and as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' project to promote the revitalization of the night time economy, we created a program that fully utilizes the Tokugawa Art Museum, Nagoya's most representative distinctive venue. Under the state of emergency declared, we took all possible measures against COVID-19, and for the first time, visitors were able to enjoy a night time performance in the exhibition rooms and courtyard.

Please feel free to watch the video below.

※「Anthem Awards」 Finalists :Click on the link below to find out more about Education, Art, & Culture Event

We would like to thank the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Tokugawa Art Museum, and all individuals involved in this project for their invaluable cooperation.

curioswitch will continue to spawn values that will remain with us forever, with the goal of making a positive difference in the world, by using creativity that tickles the curiosity of people.

【Event Information】



■URL: Facebook Tokugawa Night Museum


■About:With the concept "What if the Hina dolls came to life?", guests were welcomed with tour guides dressed in Heian-era costumes, a Noh actor performing "Seiohbo," a dance performance associated with the Peach Festival, a swordplay demonstration by a Shinkage-style swordsmith, and a performance of Juni-hitoe (twelve-layered kimono). With special finger foods and bonbori lanterns, visitors were invited to a whole new world.



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