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【Work】Local Government Branding


As a tourism promotion measure for Oda City in Shimane Prefecture, we planned, produced, and publicized a web drama.

Oda is located in the east-west central part of Shimane Prefecture, overlooking the Sea of Japan and Mt. Sanbe. The city is nurtured with nature, has an abundance of food, surrounded by warm people, historic streets. Tradition and culture are deeply rooted in this city. The main target audience for this project was English and Chinese speakers in their 20s to 40s in Japan, especially around the Chugoku region, an area easily accessible to Oda City.

Our prior goal was to successfully appeal Oda City to both viewers who have never visited Oda, and viewers who have.

The idea was to produce a short film taking place in Oda City where Ayaka Miyoshi (a well-known Japanese actress not only in Japan but also in Chinese-speaking countries), plays a dual role.

This film consists of two parts, "side A" and "side B".

It does not deliver information one-sidedly, like a catalog, and or a typical tourism PR video.

A business trip and an escape from reality. The film depicts two women with opposite personalities who visit Oda City for different reasons. As they come into contact with the city's atmosphere, they realize the beauty of Oda and the artistry of traveling.

The lead role is played by Ayaka Miyoshi with Kentaro Tomita as the supporting actor. Residents of Oda City also appeared in the film. Seita Yamagishi, who has directed many commercials and music videos, directed the film, and Tadahiro Konoe was in charge of directing measures for inbound tourism.

▲ Scene from Side A

▲ Scene from Side B

ODA/side-A side-B was released on March 19th, 2021, and has been viewed by many people from Japan and abroad.

The video clips of Side A and B can be viewed on YouTube, so please check them out.

oda/side-A (with English subtitles) :

oda/side-B (with English subtitles) :

Simplified and traditional Chinese subtitled versions are also available at the following links. Simplified Chinese version:

Traditional Chinese version Side A :

【Work Information】


■Cast:Ayaka Miyoshi, Kentaro Tomita, Residents of Oda City

■Director:Seita Yamagishi

■Creative Director:Tadahiro Konoe

■Producer:Tetsu Yoshida

■Length of Video:side A+B approximately 20minutes

■Planning and Production:curioswitch

■Copyright:Oda City, Shimane Prefecture

Through this film, we hope that those who have been to Oda will discover new attractive features, and those who have not been to Oda would consider visiting the city.

Finally, curioswitch would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Oda City for this precious opportunity, and all those involved in the planning and production process for their cooperation.

Oda City will remain a hometown in heart forever.



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