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【Event】One-day curioswitch Exhibition


In celebration of our company's first anniversary, we held a "One-Day Curioswitch Exhibition" at JOINT GALLERY in Harajuku.

Curioswitch, a creative boutique, owns a website that showcases a wide range of our work, but it is not always easy to provide detailed information on the vast collection of materials we offer.

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words", we decided to present curioswitch and creative director Tadahiro Konoe's creations in a tangible form.

We have displayed products we have desgined in the past, latest branded products, and projects we have consulted with companies and local governments.

Followed by the full story of our unique experience design, the projects we are currently working on, and more.

In order to make it simple for visitors to understand what we do, we included a behind the scenes display with detailed information about the branding, design, and the making of the project. These factors are rarely opened to the public, however, we took this opportnity to present them using Polaroid-style panels and video clips.

In addition, we created a menu that can reach the visitor's five senses.

For example, in the "Konoe Iehiro Project," which is being undertaken for the 300th anniversary of his death in 2036, visitors had the opportunity to flip through Iehiro's gorgeous publishment "Chashaku Tansu" fabricated in 1973. They also had the chance to view a Nagasaki Bunka Housou news video of CEO Konoe's encounter with Iehiro's calligraphy as a descendant.

What delighted many of the visitors, in particular, was the food!

As for "Maho Nabé" (Tiger Thermos Bottle), which curioswitch has been assisting the branding process, chef Kimiko Hiyamizu served cuisines such as "Spiced Beef and Beans" and "Homemade Ham and Cooked Vegetables". The unique texture and delightful flavors put a smile on the guests.

Furthermore, sake from various regions that we promoted, sake from a long time friend who runs a sake brewery in Fushimi since the Edo period, and champagne and sweets from the visitors were also offered as they added color to the exhibition.

In addition to creations by curioswitch and Konoe, this exhibition also featured a group demonstration of artists with whom curioswitch and Konoe are closely involved in their work and private lives. We would like to express our gratitude to crest painter Seiryu Hatori, painter Ryo Shinagawa, and ceramic artist Gomitsu Hosokawa, for taking time out of their busy schedules to help curate this exhibition.

We are blessed to have had visitors coming to the venue of this exhibition from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m nonstop.

The delicious food and drinks created a very affable atmosphere at JOINT GALLERY in Harajuku, as the visitors enjoyed having conversations with eachother.

Before we knew it, it was time to close the exhibition.

Although we were not able to do everything we wished, we would like to thank the many stakeholders who came to the exhibition.

It has been a great honor for us to have had the opportunity to offer a glimpse of the world of curioswitch.

For those who unfortunately were not able to come to the event, we hope this post will give you a slight sense of us.

We look forward to sending out more creations to generate your curiosity, and we will continue to increase our activities so that next year's anniversary event will be even more spectacular.



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