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【Event】"Tower Gallery" Special Gallery Talk


On December 23rd, the 61st anniversary of Tokyo Tower's opening, a special gallery talk on the exceptional exhibition, "60 Years of Tokyo Tower's Stare - Welcoming the Royal Family" was held in a lively atmosphere.

From the left; President Maeda, Konoe, Watanabe

Mitsuko Watanabe, media producer and supervisor of the exhibition, and our CEO Konoe, who designed the Tower Gallery's logo, took the stage. The President of Tokyo Tower, Shin Maeda and the designer of the Flower Tower, Hiroko Takeda, were welcomed as guest speakers. They discussed about the Tokyo Tower at the time of its opening and the contents of the exhibition.

Takeda and Konoe in front of the Flower Tower


The leader of the Tokyo Tower Tea Ceremony Club, Mr. Soyu Mori, and its support members welcomed guests at a tea ceremony table set up next to the Tower Gallery. The flowers decorating the front of the Manzai scroll were also created by Mr. Takeda.

Mr. Mori aka "Tower Tea Master" entertaining guests

Japanese-French trio studying ancient instrumental performance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon

The guests also enjoyed foods and drinks, along with live music by a baroque instrumental trio from France and Tokyo.

For this special gallery talk event, photos of the "Accession Reception Ceremony," the "Celebration Parade," and a photo panel of the light up of Tokyo Tower were displayed.

This exhibition will be open until the spring vacation of 2020, so please visit us if you have the chance.

Photos of the "Accession Rites Ceremony" (left) and the "Celebration Parade" (right)

Infinity Diamond Veil, a new light-up celebrating the coronation


View from the main deck to conclude the event


The exhibition, which consisted of three gallery talks and three live performances, closed at 8:00 p.m. The nearly five-hour event was a great success, and visitors left the venue with fascincating memories. The main deck was open for self guided tours only, so visitors were able to enjoy the night-time view of Tokyo from a height of 150 meters after the event.

View of the Minato Ward. The Tokyo Sky Tree is far to the right.

We would like to thank our guests and everyone involved in this exhibition for this precious opportunity. We feel honored to celebrate the birthday of Our Majesty, and the 61st anniversary of the Tokyo Tower's opening.



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