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【Work】'Tower Gallery' Logo Design & Curation.


On September 26th 2019, Tower Gallery, a new facility opened in Tokyo Tower at simultaneously with the renewal of the main observation deck.

We were involved in the process of designing the logo for the Tower Gallery, as well as the art direction and curation of the inaugural exhibition.


Logo Design

In 2018, our Creative Director, Konoe was asked to design the logo for the Tower Gallery, thanks to the tea party at the Eiffel Tower in France.

The logo was created with the aim of constructing an innovative and unprecedented design while keeping the image of the Tokyo Tower in people's minds.


Curation Support

We also provided full support to Ms. Mitsuko Watanabe, the general supervisor of the first exhibition "60 Years of the Tokyo Tower: Welcoming the Imperial Family".

We were also in charge of the art direction of the entire exhibition venue, including the photos of selected members of the Imperial Family and the basket of Prince Hiromiya lent by Familia. Our main mission was to make the exhibited works look attractive and alluring.

curioswitch personnel and Mitsuko Watanabe making final adjustments to the lighting.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the red and gold flower tower by floral artist Hiroko Takeda. A solemn entrance space was completed, befitting a special exhibition welcoming members of the royal family.

From left to right: Hiroko Takeda, Mitsuko Watanabe and curioswitch CEO Konoe.

Modern-day Mt Kunimi

Incidentally, after the completion of the Tokyo Tower, Emperor Showa visited the tower and took in a panoramic view of Tokyo.

In the words of Mitsuko Watanabe, "Tokyo Tower served as a modern-day Kunimidake".

Just like how the Emperors looked out over the public from high above and hoped for the merriment of the people, the Showa Emperor must have felt deep relief and joy at the state of reconstruction when he looked through the telescope of Tokyo Tower.

Emperor Showa overlooking Tokyo with Hisakichi Maeda, founder of Tokyo Tower

Special exhibitions only available now

From its completion in 1958 to the present day, Tokyo Tower has been visited by many members of the royal family. Many photographs are now on display along with documents that tell the story of those days.

The exhibition is similar to a tea ceremony, with a selection of the finest items on display. It is exactly the same in the sense that selected masterpieces are displayed side by side and enjoyed.

Why not visit the high-art exhibition that is only available now?

Visitors curiously studying the pieces

<Exhibition Information>

"60 Years of the Tokyo Tower: Welcoming the Imperial Family"

Location:Tower Gallery(Tokyo Tower Foot town 3rd floor)

Session:Until Spring break 2020

    9 AM〜11 PM(Final Admission 10:30 PM)





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