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【Award】Web drama starring Ayaka Miyoshi wins Best Production & Promotional Film at SILAFEST 2022 in


We are proud to announce that web drama set in Ota City, Shimane Prefecture, "oda side A / side B" (lead actress: Ayaka Miyoshi, director: Seita Yamagishi), designed and produced by curioswitch has been selected as "Best Production & Promotional Film" at "The 14th SILVER LAKE TOURFILM FESTIVAL" (hosted by the International Tourism & Environmental Film Festival, Serbia, hereinafter SILAFEST).


  The International Festival of Tourism and Ecology Films - Silver Lake Tourfilm Festival

Established in Serbia in 2008, SILAFEST is an international tourism and environment-focused film festival in partnership with the National Tourist Board of Serbia, the Veliko Gradishte Tourist Board and the Belgrade Tourism University. Since 2010, it has been recognised by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) as one of the world's largest international tourism film festivals The 14th edition of SILAFEST, held from 28 August to 3 September 2022, received 186 submissions from 26 countries and curioswitch's film 'oda side-A / side-B' won “Best Production & Promotional Film".


  The International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals 

Founded in Austria in 1989 and accredited by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the European Travel Commission (ETC), the Central American Tourism Organisation (CATA) and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), it is the world's largest international tourism video network. It is made up of organizations from 18 countries and organizes the CIFFT circuit, which evaluates, recognises and promotes the development of tourism-related visual content.

⚫️Award Winning Work|oda side-A / side-B

The film is made up of two parts: 'side-A' and 'side-B'. Ayaka Miyoshi plays two women with opposite personalities, who visit Ota City in Shimane Prefecture for different purposes and rediscover the charms of traveling as they encounter Ota's nature, people, food and traditional culture. The video was directed by Seita Yamagishi, who has been in charge of the production of many music videos, commercials, films and TV dramas. We had Tadahiro Konoe as the creative director, who has extensive experience in international projects. The film allows viewers to enjoy not only the performance of Ayaka Miyoshi, but also the personalities of the people of Ota City that appear in the film, and the scenes of Ota City with its beautiful soundtrack.

【Award Winning Work Information】

■Title:「oda side-A / side-B」

■Cast:Ayaka Miyoshi, Kentaro Tomita, residents of Ota City

■Director:Seita Yamagishi(Coe Co. Ltd.)

■Creative Director:Tadahiro Konoe(curioswitch Co. Ltd.)

■Producer:Tetsu Yoshida(curioswitch Co. Ltd.)

■Video Length:side-A+B approx 20 minutes


■Copyright:Ota City, Shimane Prefecture

■Supplement information:Time of Completion Press Release

We would like to thank Ota City and all the production staff for their hard work and dedication in winning the Award following the 4th International Tourism Film Festival in Japan and the International Tourism Film Festival Africa 2022.

curioswitch will strive to continuously develop values with our creativity, and proceed to generate people's curiosity.



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