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【Award】Presentation ceremony of Ms. Sosho Kobori.


We are pleased to present the "The Webby Awards" trophy to Ms. Sosho Kobori of the Enshu school of tea ceremony.

Left: Ms. Sosho Kobori Right: CEO Konoe

It may be fresh in your mind that "Do you know how to make Matcha?", a video piece that Konoe directed and acted in as a creative director, won the category VIDEO/How-To & DIY at The Webby Awards.

The first person for Konoe to report this award was Ms. Sosho Kobori, daughter of the 13th head of the Enshu Tea Ceremony, Kobori Soujitsu, who performed the tea ceremony in the video.

It is no exaggeration to say that she made the greatest contribution!

So, one day just before Tanabata, we visited the Enshu Tea Ceremony to hold the presentation ceremony for the Webby Awards trophy.

(Tanabata: aka "Star Festival" celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi)


Watch the award-winning video here.

Do you know how to make Matcha?

Webby Awards Winner Click here for more information

This video, which explains to foreigners how to make Japanese matcha, was produced by simpleshow Japan in response to the increasing popularity in matcha overseas.

It is designed to help people understand and come into contact with the cultural background and etiquette of matcha.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved in the production!


Well, the trophy presentation ceremony went off without a hitch, or so we thought. But there was a surprise.

Ms. Sosho Kobori had prepared a tea ceremony for us. ・・・・

The trophy was displayed in the alcove, and soon

The Webby Tea Party began.

Since it was almost Tanabata, there was a lot of reviving and exhilarating decorations everywhere, from the scrolls to the water jars, tea bowls and sweets. The comforting ambiance made Konoe have a second cup of tea.

I am very grateful to join Ms. Sosho Kobori for the tea.


Finally, a commemorative photograph was taken with the trophy in front of the tokonoma (alcove).

We are truly thankful for the connection Matcha has blessed us with.



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