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【Work】”Goûts et Sakés” −JETRO (JFOODO)


In February 2019, we were took part in a sake event in Paris.

Goûts et Sakés poster

As many of you may know, with the registration of Japanese food as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013, the promotion of Japanese food has been positioned as an important initiative for government agencies.

Against this backdrop, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and the EU will enter into force on February 1st, 2019, eliminating tariffs on Japanese sake exported from Japan to the EU.

In order to take advantage of this perplexing opportunity to make sake more accessible to the French, the Japan Food Products Overseas Promotion Centre (JFOODO), responsible for the external branding of Japanese agricultural, forestry and fishery products and foodstuffs within JETRO, has initiated a project called Goûts et Sakés.


The entire event attracted a total of more than 500 visitors.

The symposium, the core of the event, featured internationally renowned sommeliers, bartenders, chefs, and diplomats who shared their opinions on how to enjoy sake. They also discussed about the potential for sake to play a role in cultures outside Japan.

Goûts et Sakés Commentary by Shinya Tasaki, President of the Japan Sommelier Association (second from left in photo)

Furthermore, a tasting event was held with the symposium. Many visitors were astonished by the innovative collaboration of sake-based cocktails and sake with French cuisine.

Goûts et Sakés photo 1

In fact, we have been supporting the management of these events.

That includes; arranging the venue for the symposium, planning the collaboration of Japanese sake and French cuisine, designing symposium invitations, mobilising the audience, creating the website and PR, and giving a speech at the symposium. Members from inside and outside the Franco-Japanese company spent several months working together to solve the client's problems.

Goûts et Sakés Moderator Tadahiro Konoe (right), Sylvain Huet (centre), France's leading sake expert, and Shingo Gokan (left), the world's No.1 bartender.

Our Creative Director Tadhiro Konoe was also responsible for novelty designs.

Konoe-designed sake cups distributed at Goûts et Sakés.

Hand-painted traditional Japanese lacquer.

The three circles, inspired by the 339 degrees, are designed to represent the 'bond' that a sake cup forms.

Based on lacquerware by Yamada Heiando

The novelty was well received by all individuals involved, and we are relieved to be able to add some traditional Japanese value to the Goûts et Sakés solution.

We would like to thank once again all our customers, clients, and stakeholders for coming to the event.



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