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【Work】Cherry blossom viewing at the World Heritage Tomb.


curioswitch has planned and produced a promotional film for the Mozu and Furuichi Tomb Group, a World Heritage Site.

The videos produced and disseminated as part of the 2021 project reached over 500,000 engagements on social media platforms such as YouTube and Weibo.

And fortunately, we have planned and produced a new video on the theme of the Mozu and Furuichi tumuli in the spring. Now, did you know that you can view cherry blossoms on top of the World Heritage Tomb?

Once again, we've spun a tale full of beautiful scenery that breaks the stereotypes of tombs!

Please visit the official YouTube page of the Mozu and Furuichi Kofun World Heritage Conservation and Utilisation Council.


【Work Information】

■Title: 【spring】OSAKA -The World Heritage Site MOZU-FURUICHI KOFUN GROUP - ■Creative Director:Tadahiro Konoe ■Video length:1 minute 50 seconds ■Planning/Production:curioswitch ■Copyright:Osaka Prefecture、Sakai City、Habikino City、Fujidera City

Finally, curioswitch would like to thank Osaka Prefecture, Sakai City, Habikino City Fujiidera City, and all individuals invoved in this project for this valuable opportunity.




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