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【Work】Meiji Shrine Enshrinement Centenary Video


The Meiji Shrine is the most visited shrine in Japan, but how familiar are you with its origins?

curioswitch has produced two videos celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Meiji Shrine, including the 'Chinza Centenary Festival' held on November 2nd, 2020.

Individuals involved in the construction of the shrine showed huge respect towards Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. The forest surrounding the shrine's was designed using technology that was available back then. Seedlings were donated from all over the country. The film is worth watching, as it includes valuable footage of the people who were constructed the forest without compensation. We hope you enjoy it.

Both films can be viewed on the Meiji Jingu's official YouTube channel.

【Work Information】

(1) Meiji Jingu, 'One Hundred Years of Stories'.

This documentary film unravels the story of the 100th anniversary of the foundation. The film tells the story of the buildings in the outer and inner gardens and the origins of the forest, using documentary footage and animation.

Enjoy the admirable narration by Motoyo Yamane. Yamane is a news caster, and has supported Konoe on "Saturday Morning" when Konoe was a TV director at NHK.

■Video length: 18 minutes

■Narration:Motoyo Yamane

■Director:Koji Ogawa

■General Manager:Tadahiro Konoe

■Planning/Production:curioswitch Co.

■Production Support:SONY Music Entertainment Japan

(2) Meiji Shrine, "One Hundred Years of History - Tsunehisa Today -".

This work aims to give the viewer a sense of the 100-year history of the township only through the soundtrack and scenery.

Beginning with footage from the town's centenary festival, the film projects the centenary of the town's history, moving back and forth between the past and present.

■Video length: 13 minutes


■Director:Koji Ogawa

■General Manager:Tadahiro Konoe

■Planning/Production:curioswitch Co.

■Production Support:SONY Music Entertainment Japan

Finally, curioswitch would like to thank Meiji Jingu and Sony Music Entertainment Japan for this valuable opportunity, and all individuals who contributed to the production of the film.



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