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【Award】Ako Castle promotional video wins Finalist at New York Festivals


The promotional video "AKO CASTLE -WHERE THE STORY OF 47 SAMURAI BEGAN-" planned and produced by curioswitch Inc. won Finalist in the Tourism category of the TV & FILM Awards.

The New York Festivals have been celebrating the excellence and innovation in all genres and platforms since 1957. The NYF TV & Film Awards Grand Jury, made up of over 200 producers, directors, writers and other creative media professionals from around the world, judged the entries from 42 countries (19 entries from 13 countries in the tourism category) online. The award winners from Japan were only programs from TV key and semi-key stations, and this was the only municipal video to win an award.

Click the link below to watch the speech by Konoe.

"Ako Castle -The Beginning of the Story- "was planned and produced on behalf of the Ako City Board of Education. Ako Castle was built during the Edo period and the restored castle ruins are currently designated as a national historic site. We targeted foreign tourists and locals interested in castles and its history. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Dr. Isoda also gave a passionate commentary to make the video more lively and appealing.

Feel free to watch the video in the overview at the bottom of this page.

You can also read more about the work in a special feature on the curioswitchHP.

「【Work】Municipal branding Ako Castle promotional video

We would like to thank the city of Ako, Mr. Michifumi Isoda, and all individuals who have participated in this project.

curioswitch will continue to produce creative works that generate the curiosity of both locals and tourists, to promote Japan's proud cultural heritage.

【Work Information】


■Video length:

Full: approx 15minutes  Digested ver: 2minutes

■Creative Director:Tadahiro Konoe

■Producer:Tetsu Yoshida


■Copyright:Ako City



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