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Anniversary Project


Product Design, Event, PR

Sakura Craypas, a long-established Osaka stationery manufacturer founded in 1921. curioswitch was responsible for directing an event to celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2012. We designed a 700-color set of commemorative souvenirs and presented a launch event for the products. We also supervised the design of the press kit. The design was intended looked like a piece of artwork, with the acrylics creating a floating impression of the Craypas: each transparent acrylic cube holds 25 Craypas colors. A total of 28 cubes are combined to create a variety of display options.

サクラクレパス アクリル
プロダクトデザイン 近衞忠大
近衞忠大 デザイン
スクリーンショット 2019-10-23 18.25.26.png

The stylish acrylic cubes are carved so that they can be seen clearly from the front, above, behind and sides. Konoe sought out a highly skilled Japanese craftsman who drills 25 holes in each cube by hand.

サクラクレパス カービング技術

Wooden case also has a serial number with a removable lid.

The wooden set (limited to 50), designed by Konoe, is covered in luxurious suede, and the 700 crayfish colors are arranged according to the 12 hue rings, allowing the viewer to see the sequential color alteration from yellow to orange, orange to red, red to purple, purple to blue, and blue to green. In addition to the 700 crayons, the wooden case also includes a color chart, and a rag to wipe dirt and white gloves.

アクリル ラグジュアリー

Sophisticated Sakura Craypas 90th anniversary event. Designed by Konoe, including press kit design.

The venue was also sophisticatedly designed. It was carefully planned down to the smallest detail, including subdued lighting, custom-made sweets, finger food, and champagne. A strict dress code was also implemented. Konoe was also an advisor for the 2022 centenary project. The anniversary project with Sakura Crespus is still ongoing.

イベントデザイン アドバイザー
curioswitch サクラクレパス
近衞忠大 作品
シャンパン グラス

Photos by Emi Kumagai & Daisuke Akita

Space Design: Noriyuki Asano (NPU)

Creative Director: Tadahiro Konoe

Flower: Blooms & Stripes

Catering Food: Transit

Catering Drinks: Le Pont de Ciel

Japanese Sweets: Toraya

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