The Glaze 

For  Gumpu Nakamura

Total Branding, Space Design

In 2016, "The Glaze - Brilliance is Born from Challenge", a solo exhibition of Nakamura Gampu, a ceramic artist from Ima Kutagama, was held on the first floor of the main building of Isetan Shinjuku.


As the creative director and curator of the exhibition, Konoe was in charge of the total branding of the exhibition, including the planning and production of the exhibition structure and fixtures, the production of the exhibition video, and the design of posters, invitations, and other printed materials. In addition, in collaboration with Motofu Nakamura, she produced the works from planning and production to exhibition and sales.


Gumpu Nakamura was struck by the freshness of water droplets glistening in the sunlight after a rain, and his desire to make it eternal led him to research glazes, which led him to the brilliance of the glaze. The theme of this exhibition is "Brilliance is born from challenge" in order to convey Motofu's way of life to visitors in an easy-to-understand manner.

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The works in this exhibition are characterized by being composed of the shapes of ◯, △, and □, which are said to represent all forms of things in the Zen world. The ◯ series, named "Globe," which expresses newborn life force, and "Torus," with holes drilled in the top and bottom of the sphere to express the circulation and perpetuation of energy, are inspired by stars shining in the universe. The △ series, Pyramid, was inspired by the fact that things that go upward, such as rockets and mountains, have pointed ends, and the □ series, Prism, was created as a painting that expresses maturity and harmony.

中村元風 伊勢丹


All the exhibition stands were planned and produced by Kondori. In order to accentuate the works of art, which are the stars of the show, simple straight lines and a monochrome color scheme were used as the basic theme, establishing a new style that has never been seen before in exhibitions of traditional crafts.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the people involved for giving me this precious opportunity.

Photo (Exhibition): Tomooki Kengaku -

Photo (Art work): Taichi Nakamura, Tadahiro Konoe

Graphic Design: Kumiko Hitomi -

Exhibition Design: Koichi Okazaki (Studio KOAA) -

Video: Hidemitsu Sato

Producer: Taichi Nakamura

Creative Director: Tadahiro Konoe

Client: Gumpu Nakamura -