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Logo Design, Curation

In September, 2019, the Tower Gallery was opened on the 3rd floor at Foot Town to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Tokyo Tower. curioswitch was chosen to design the official logo and curate the inaugural exhibition.

近衞忠大 ロゴデザイン

Design based on the white and vermilion stripes of the Tokyo Tower.

For the logo design, we began by collecting logos of past Tokyo Towers and related facilities. The expectations and values required of the Tokyo Tower symbol were carefully analyzed.

Museum logos from around the world were also compared and researched. Prototype after prototype was carried out to find the right tone for the new gallery to be opened in Tokyo in 2028.

As a result, Konoe designed the logo based on the white and international orange stripes, utilizing the proportions and color scheme of the Tokyo Tower. 

ファミリア 皇族方

Wicker baskets made by Familia.

For the first exhibition "Celebrating 60 years of Tokyo Tower: Welcoming the Imperial Family", we worked with media producer Mitsuko Watanabe, who was the overall supervisor of the exhibition.


The exhibition is structured around photographs of members of the Imperial Family who have visited the Tokyo Tower. It also features three-dimensional exhibits, such as the basket that Prince Hiromiya (at the time) carried in the key visual photograph, which was order made by Familia. We are trying to make the exhibition more accessible to visitors of all ages and nationalities.

竹田浩子 近衞忠大 東京タワー

From left to right: Hiroko Takeda, Mitsuko Watanabe and Konoe.

curioswitch was also in charge of the overall design of the exhibition space. Konoe created the 3D exhibition drawings, which were then discussed with the relevant parties. The process of taking these drawings and further converting them into 3D was thoroughly repeated.


At the end, we decided to display a flower tower designed by Hiroko Takeda, in the centre of the gallery entrance. This was to embody producer Watanabe's idea of "welcoming guests with flowers full of elegance". This space has also been carefully designed with precise lighting to create a place where people will want to take aesthetic photos.

タワーギャラリー curioswitch

Visitors looking intently at the exhibitions

On the first day of the opening, as one can see, there were many people admiring the photos and the exhibitions. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with this team and are considering various measures to contribute to the further development of the Tower Gallery.

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